Sewage Cleanup Service

Sewage Line Cleaning Services

sewage line cleaning services

Sewage line cleaning services are available to clear the way for your drains and sewer system. The methods used differ, as do the price ranges and use cases. The cleaning process starts with a camera sent down your line by a professional sewer cleaning company. The camera will identify blockages and problems in your sewer line, as well as make recommendations for possible repairs. Once the pipe is clear, your drains and sewer system will be running at peak efficiency.

Hydro jetting

If you’re tired of spending money on sewer repair, consider hiring Hydro jetting sewage line cleaning services. These professionals use high-pressure water jets to clear the clog in your pipes and prevent them from recurring. The water jets are effective at clearing grease, tree roots, sediment, clogs and debris in any sewer line. This high-pressure water jet cleaning process can clear commercial and domestic sewer lines.

Baking soda and vinegar

When your home has drains and septic systems, you may be wondering whether you should use baking soda for sewage line cleaning. Baking soda, which is a mild alkali, can dissolve grease and dirt in the drain lines. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can be used to clean these lines, since baking soda will create foamy bubbles that will scrape off the stuck grease. While the process may sound daunting, it is easy to use. Combine baking soda with equal parts of vinegar, and pour the solution down your drain.

The alkalinity of baking soda and vinegar helps unclog the drain line and make it odor-free. The two agents combine to dissolve grime, grease, and hair, while vinegar neutralizes the acidic odor molecules. The baking soda and vinegar mixture can be used to clean the main sewer line, as well as any drain line that may have become blocked. A wet and dry vacuum is a powerful cleaning tool. After a few hours, pour hot water down the pipe to flush out the solution.

Hydro scrubbing

If you have blockages in your sewer system, a hydro scrubbing service can remove these deposits. These plumbers use high-pressure water jets to clean out debris on the walls of pipes and prevent future blockages. This type of service removes debris such as grease, food particles, mineral scale, and tree roots. Plumbers perform this service by inserting a hose into the sewer pipe. The high-pressure water forces the material to flow out of the pipe and down the sewer system.

Other methods

There are other types of sewage line cleaning, including hydro jetting and combination sewer cleaners. These tools use high-pressure water to blast debris and other material out of the pipe and into the main sewer. Using a combination sewer cleaner will not only clear blockages, but also clean the entire pipe and extend the life of the system. Chemical cleaners can control roots and grease and eliminate odors, but they need to be approved by the local government before they can be used.